Cory's Still A 'Sweet Nerd' On 'Girl Meets World'

And he still likes cake. Don't worry.

Don't worry, "Boy Meets World" fans: A decade and a half later, Cory Matthews is still "a sweet nerd."

Mr. Matthews himself, Ben Savage, stopped by MTV News headquarters ahead of tonight's premiere of the new sitcom "Girl Meets World" to chat about what his character has been up to in the 14 years since "Boy Meets World" took its final bow.

Savage, of course, spent seven seasons playing the adorkable (it's in the dictionary now, we can use it to describe non-Deschanels) Cory, whose trials and triumphs and cute awkward kisses with Topanga (Danielle Fishel) we remember fondly. Cory -- and now-wife Topanga and tween daughter Riley -- are back in "Girl Meets World."

Savage said that he didn't re-watch "Boy" in preparation for the new series, in which he plays the history teacher of his daughter's class.

"I didn't because this show is a different entity than 'Boy Meets World,' and it takes place 14 years later," he said. "It's not the Cory Matthews that we left off in 2000."

Don't expect a total character makeover though: "He's still neurotic, he's still sweet, he's still sort of funny -- or at least thinks he is -- he still likes cake a lot and he's still kind of a nerd, but a sweet nerd. He's kind of different, but the same."

Just as familiar as Cory's quirks are some of the characters who will pop up in "Girl Meets World." Minkus, where have you been!

"Girl Meets World" premieres tonight on the Disney Channel.