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Johnny Depp Is Gonna Make A Chinese Reality TV Wannabe's Dreams Come True

You dream of Johnny, but it's Johnny who will make your dream come true.

Your mom thinks you're a winner no matter what, and that's nice, but if Johnny Depp thinks you're a winner, it could change your life.

On Friday, Depp will act as judge on the Chinese reality TV show "Chinese Dream." Contestants explain their dreams of stardom and give live performances, and audience voting determines which contestant, referred to as the "dreamer," goes on to the next round.

Depp will decide the final winner, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The prize: Being whisked away to Los Angeles to live out their dreams in Hollywood, under Depp's mentorship.

The actor, whose name is by this point nearly synonymous with fame and leading man-dom, said that he wanted to help ordinary people realize their dreams after he grew up wanting to be a rock star. Acting, he said, was a way to pay the bills.

It's done much more than pay the bills for him, as we've seen from commercial successes such as the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise and more, Depp's doing pretty alright for himself.

So, what do you say? Do you dream of Depp, or will Depp help you find your dreams.