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5 Reasons Why Ariana Grande's Big Brother Is Already Winning 'Big Brother'

... And she's freaking out.

In case you missed it, birthday girl Ariana Grande rang in her 21st with a particularly emotionally gratifying night of television (the only real way to celebrate) last night (June 25). Her older brother, Frankie, made his "Big Brother" season 16 debut, and totally pulled a number on us all by winning the first competition of the season, and becoming the official "Head of Household."

"Holy s--- he won hoh i'm a mess," Grande tweeted. "He needs to form another alliance immediately."

But even before Frankie won the HoH competition by standing on a moving log in his underwear while being repeatedly squirted in the eyes with sunscreen (if this sounds strange to you, you clearly haven't been watching enough "Big Brother"), he won our hearts by somehow not being the most annoying contestant introduced last night. Heck, he wasn't even in the top five! So to celebrate the lovable Frankie and his birthday girl sister, here are some reasons why he might win season 16 of "Big Brother":

He Has His Sister's Twitter Army On His Side

Last season on "Big Brother," an MVP twist earned the ire of many when the sister of popular player Rachel Reilly, Elissa Slater, won every week due to her sister's loyal following. We don't have that twist this year, but there is a "Team America" twist where three players will be voted into a secret, fan-controlled group that will go on "secret missions" for the show. Something tells us that Ariana's very large and loyal fan following (not to mention Frankie's own dedicated YouTube fanbase) will make his membership in that group a sure thing. Just look at how many retweets and favorites she got on night one:

He's Modest... Enough


Despite having bragging rights with that famous name, Frankie is playing it safe by not bringing up his sister's identity to his fellow houseguests (though of course, he mentions it to us at least every five minutes). Slater tried to do this same thing last season, but she was such a dead ringer for her show-famous sis that it all blew up in her face, and made everyone think she was a liar -- everyone hated her for it, and she quickly became a large target. Frankie's resemblance to Ariana is much more subtle, so he can go pretty far if he keeps the captain of Team Frankie a secret. (And that's a big "if.")

"I happen to be the brother of one of the most famous people on Earth. My sister is Ariana Grande, the multi-platinum recording artist and pop star and Frankie Grande's best friend. I don't plan on telling anyone in the house that Ariana is my sister, I think that it would put an unnecessary target on my head."

He's Made A Friend Or Seven


A key component to making it far in "Big Brother" is somehow having everybody like you at the exact moment when you need them to like you, and Frankie was a clear house favorite from day one. (I mean, you have to be a house favorite when you begin your tenure by doing scenes from "Mamma Mia.") Not only is he the "Pink My Little Pony" to Joey's "Blue My Little Pony," but he's quickly bonded with his attractive, athletic "man-crush" Cody and become part of the "Crazy Eight" alliance made up of the first eight houseguests to enter the BB manse. As long as he doesn't enter a showmance, which should be easy since he's likely the only gay man in the house, he'll still have the advantage.

He's Making The Right Enemies, Too


When we said that Frankie wasn't even close to being the most annoying person in the house, it's because that honor was already taken by Paola, a 27-year-old DJ from New York who is the absolute worst. (See: "I hope there are hot guys because I am planning to manipulate every single one of them. Even the ugly ones!", not being able to count to four, the poorly named and thought-out "El Cuatro" alliance.) Thankfully, Frankie already knows that this one is bad news.

"Red flags! She's a New York City DJ, she definitely knows who Ariana Grande is. We run in the same circles... this girl could know who I am! She is dangerously close to home."

He Can Win Challenges


Winning the first HoH is always a debatable decision since it can sometimes put a target on your back, but at least it showed us all that, in case friendships, alliances, and good old-fashioned manipulation ever betray Frankie, this self-described "Broadway chorus boy" can save his own hide by winning out on the field.

"Go Grande or go home!"