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Riff Raff 's Neon Icon: Four Songs You Gotta Hear

Jody Highroller is here.

Riff Raff is as polarizing a figure as you'll get in music today, and the Tuesday (June 24) release of his Mad Decent debut, Neon Icon, will do little to change that. Over the course of 15 free-wheeling tracks, Jody Highroller rhymes irreverently, tossing rap paradigms out the window for something more suited to his off-beat tastes.

If you aren't already a Riff Raff fan, it's doubtful that Neon Icon will change mind; but to dismiss him totally isn't the answer. Chances are Riff's die hards already scooped up the album, but if you haven't yet, then give these four tracks a spin first.

"Introducing the Icon"

We're not saying Riff Raff is the second-coming of Eazy-E -- that would be crazy, right? Still we couldn't help but think of the late Eric Wright while listening to this one.

"Versace Python"

We stopped by for the song title, but stayed for the dream-like, Bone Thugs-inspired melody.

"Maybe You Love Me"

Are Mike Posner and Jody Highroller the 2014 answer to R. Kelly and Jay Z's Best of Both Worlds? Maybe, maybe not, but don't surprised if this song ends up a radio staple.

"How to Be the Man" (Houston Remix)

Riff Raff couldn't miss with this one. DJ Mustard, plus Slim Thug and Paul Wall? Sign us up!