JWOWW Reveals Pic Of 'Gross' Pregnancy Ailment: Frostbite!?

It's not a condition normally associated with having a baby...

When you think of pregnancy ailments, the first things that usually come to mind are nausea, fatigue, back pain, perpetual pit stops and swollen feet. And, as if those weren't bad enough, Jenni Farley can now add frostbite to the list.

Here's the "disgusting" and "gross" -- her words, not ours -- photographic evidence from her website:


Let's all say it together: OUCH. This surely hasn't been an easy pregnancy for Jenni.

So how did the "Snooki & JWOWW" star, who's due to give birth to a daughter in a few short weeks, develop the medical condition? By overusing an ice pack.

"[The baby] finally popped, and I feel like I’m walking around like a sumo wrestler lol!" Jenni writes in an entry titled "Pregnancy Update: My Crazy 9th Month..." "She's causing pretty bad sciatica and even though my doctor said it is okay to take Tylenol, I like to avoid it all costs." (Sciatica is pain along the sciatic nerve, which goes from the lower back, through the hips and down each leg). So instead of taking medication, the mom-to-be opted for an ice pack wrapped in cloth.

"I'm the only person in June who got severe frostbite," the former "Jersey Shore" castie says, adding that her injuries took one month to heal.

Frostbite and sciatica aside, Jenni just reached an exciting pregnancy milestone: her last ultrasound. And how is her mini-me looking in the womb?


For starters, she's ready for her close-up, unlike other previous appointments.

"She's measuring like a chubby monkey and has big feet like her parents," Jenni jokes.

And we're betting this lil' lady will be squeezing those tootsies into some fierce stilettos -- when she's a bit older, of course. Like mother, like daughter!

Photo: FilmMagic