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Rick Ross Shuts Down 'Totally False' Reports Of Angry Detroit Mob

The Bawse speaks.

Rick Ross is ready to clear the air about his recent drama in Detroit. According to reports, the MMG boss was barred from performing at Hot 107.5′s Summer Jamz 17 after being met by a mob of about 150 people who made threats on his life.

"That's totally false," Ross told 99 Jamz in Miami on Monday night. "I let that breathe for a whole day just expecting someone to step up and say that's not true. No one spoke to MMG, no one."

According to the star rapper, he sent members of his team ahead of him to Chene Park Amphitheater on Saturday, where he was set to perform on the same bill as artists like Scarface, Rico Love, B.o.B., A$AP Ferg and Boldy James.

"I got my team, so my team is always in front of me. Just to make it clear, I never even made it to the venue," Ross defended.

Rozay says when his people arrived, the gates to the venue were locked and folks were gathered in a peaceful protest, though he says that he didn't see the scene for himself. "Padlocked, or however they did it, the gate was locked," he said.

Veteran Detroit rapper Trick Trick is rumored to be behind the protest. Earlier this year Trick dropped a track titled "No Fly Zone," where he warns out-of-town rappers that they need permission from him to enter his native city. It appears Ross did not speak with Trick prior to his arrival.

"I'm just a phone call away/ Come here without permission, don't wanna hear sh-- you gotta say," Trick raps on "No Fly Zone."

Hot 107.5's program director Jay Hicks told that Ross "is in fear of his life."

When asked if he was ever in fear of his life, Ross responded: "Not at all."

Ross didn't address Trick or Hicks by name, but may have alluded to one of them in his interview. "Me and whoever this gentleman is, we never crossed paths, he never spoke to Rozay," he said without clarification on which "gentleman" he was speaking on. "And I expect him to clarify that, I expect him to tell y'all, 'We never talked to Rozay, we never spoke to MMG."

Ross says that he loves Detroit and the city is being mislead. Ultimately he feels bad for his fans who missed out on the show. "Of course it ain't personal, because I was paid and paid well," he said. "I just feel bad for those kids that stood out there six hours that wanted to see Ricky Rozay and couldn't see the boss becuase someone padlocked the gate."

For whatever reason they did this, I don't understand it," he continued. "Because if it's somebody that's supposed to be from the jungle, in the jungle you don't lock the lions out, you let the lions in and lock 'em in. That's when you get the confrontation that you want, if that's what you're looking for."