Brandon Skeie

These Covers Of Ariana Grande's 'Problem' And Fifth Harmony's 'Better Together' Will Blow You Away

World, meet Mahogany Lox and Brandon Skeie.

YouTube stars Mahogany "Lox" Gordy and Brandon Skeie have joined forces, and judging from their brand-new covers of Ariana Grande's "Problem" and Fifth Harmony's "Better Together," they're killing the game.

For "Problem," the two tag-team the lyrics, trading off lines in beautiful harmony -- all in the company of an oversized teddy bear. The simple video keeps all the focus on Skeie's impressive vocal range and Lox's total ownership over Iggy Azalea's rap solo.

Meanwhile, "Better Together" -- which they released on Monday (June 23) -- takes on more of a story approach, beginning with Skeie pouring his heart out to an impassive Lox. Halfway through, the pair certainly sell the case that they are better together.

So what brought these two together? Skeie, a 21 year-old independent singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, tells MTV the he met Lox -- the granddaughter of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy and sister to LMFAO bandmember Sky Blu -- at a Janoskians party last year.

"I saw her big, curly red hair and invited her to my birthday party, and we started hanging out avidly after that," he said.

He recently released his debut EP 3Words, and promises fans they can look forward to even more Lox collaborations coming soon.

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