Exclusive: Hear Ed Sheeran's 'I'm A Mess'... Which Isn't A Mess At All

Sheeran offers a catchy mea culpa in his latest X track.

Ed Sheeran is trying to convince us he's a mess on his latest X track, but we're not entirely convinced.

In fact, "I'm a Mess," which premiered Sunday (June 22) on MTV, is a rather pretty thing, mainly because it strips the production down to a minimum to focus on what we love the British singer for: That voice.

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Like most of his folk-leaning pop numbers, it's a track that makes you feel like Sheeran's singing just to you, and one that has a chorus that's bound stick as he sings "For how long/ I love my lover." And when his voice comes down to a near whisper -- making the whole thing that much more intimate.

Oh, and he also manages to make the phrase "put your faith in my stomach" sound super romantic. Which is impressive.

"I'm a Mess" is the latest off Sheeran's upcoming alum, X, which will drop Stateside on Monday.