Robert Pattinson Writing And Starring In A Play Is A Thing That Might Happen

Find out what the future holds for everybody's favorite Sparkler.

Reporting by Josh Horowitz

After years of being publicly known as that "Twi"-guy, Robert Pattinson has finally broken out of the teen genre mold with his latest turns in adult fare like "Maps to the Stars" and "The Rover." But don't think he's stopping now, just because he finally got the critics off his back.

"I just like doing stuff to make my friends jealous," Pattinson joked to MTV News.

But all kidding aside, Pattinson does have some pretty cool stuff coming up. From a potential collaboration with Harmony Korine (who famously turned James Franco into an unattractive person in "Spring Breakers") to music to writing his own play, Pattinson is trying his best to be a jack of all trades.

"I'm trying to write a play, which I've been trying to do for ages," he said. "I think maybe in the next year, I'd like to direct it. Probably in London, but I'm not sure yet."

Ooh, does that mean there's still a chance for us Yanks to see Pattinson on Broadway, baby? Don't rule it out!

"Yeah, 100 percent," Pattinson said, when asked if he wanted to star in the play as well. "I'm really, really starting to want to again, but I find it really difficult to find the right thing."