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The Reviews Are in For Kevin Hart's 'Think Like A Man Too'

Can Hart score another comedy hit?

The year of Kevin Hart continues with "Think Like a Man Too."

The breakout star of 2014 already has two big hits under his belt this year with "Ride Along" and "About Last Night," and hopes to have another one with the sequel to the popular "Think Like A Man."

In "Too," Hart reprises his role from the first film, alongside a big cast that features Michael Ealy and Regina Hall (also costars in "About Last Night"), Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Adam Brody, and "Entourage"-alum Jerry Ferrara, though that's just scratching the surface of the talented ensemble.

The sequel to the Steve Harvey adaptation has all the couples from the original coming together for a wedding in Vegas, until something goes wrong that might derail the wedding, making it seem like Kevin Hart's own personal "Hangover." (Albeit a PG-13 one.)

"Think Like a Man" got relatively enthusiastic reviews from critics, but will they be charmed a second time, and will Hart's monster year continue? Here's what critics are saying about the sequel, which opens today (June 20).

Gleeful And Fast-Paced

"'Think Like a Man Too' makes a modest promise and over-delivers on it. For the cost of your ticket, you get almost two hours of quick-paced, mind-numbing silliness. It’s amateurish but gleeful. The zoom-zoom pacing and all-in performances make sure the jokes don’t fall on dead air." — Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hart Is The Biggest Bright Spot

"If you laughed at Tim Story's first 'Think,' based on Steve Harvey's bestselling advice book for women, you'll probably ride along for this jacked-up, Vegas-set sequel in which dudes and dolls offer sexist approaches to throwing a bachelor party. The only reason I'd 'Think' again is the return of Kevin Hart, who mines comic gold out of sloppy seconds." — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

The Cast Gives It Their All

"The standouts are Ealy, graciously dialing down his leading-man charisma to be a team player, and Union, sexy and sweet as ever. The cast members give it their all, though Hall is forced to tone down the volcanically crazy energy she let loose in 'About Last Night.' As for Hart, he could make a funeral fun. This whirling dervish is hilariously, almost headache-inducingly, silly." — Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

"Everything The First Movie Wasn't"

"The sequel, 'Think Like a Man Too,' marks a dip in quality. Will Packer again directs from a screenplay by Keith Marryman and David A. Newman, and the actors manage to provide a few winning moments. Overall, though, it's everything the first movie wasn't: noisy, clumsy and derivative." — Rafer Guzman, Newsday

A Mixed Bag

"A couple of big-name cameos notwithstanding, there’s nothing surprising about 'Think Like a Man Too,' but that predictability may well ensure its success with the audience that made the original such a huge hit. Despite Story’s desperate attempts to cover a superficial plot and weak writing with a jacked-up vibe and sheer volume, the movie still ultimately lands like a thinly veiled lecture, with Hart helpfully delivering the moral upshot — about compromise, sacrifice and letting go of the past..." — Ann Hornaday, Washington Post