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Is Justin Bieber A Modern-Day Frankie Valli? 'Jersey Boys' Cast Weighs In

It takes more than a crime record to reach Four Seasons status.

We here at MTV News know better than anyone that there are some truly wonderful pop acts on the market with serious staying power. But after watching Clint Eastwood's film adaptation of the beloved musical "Jersey Boys," which tells the story of '60s legends Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, we couldn't help but wonder whether or not we'd still be rocking out to the Justins Timberlake and Bieber 50 years from now.

"I don't know if we're going to be singing Justin Bieber songs 20 years down the line," Erich Bergen, who plays band member and songwriter Bob Gaudio, told us after we screened the film. "We may be, but I can tell you that 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You,' and 'Sherry,' and 'Big Girls Don't Cry'... how many years has it been? These songs hit in the early-to-mid '60s. We're still singing them all over again, and I think great songs will always outlast the artist."

Which might actually be a good thing for today's acts, considering the amount of attention their occasional misdeeds get from the media. Multiple members of the Four Seasons spent time in jail — which is a major plot point in the movie — but unlike the Justins and Selenas and Rihannas of this world, their private lives actually remained pretty private.

"Justin Bieber's crime doesn't even compare to this kind of crime," John Lloyd Young, who plays Valli, said with a laugh. "These guys went into the slammer and did hard time. Justin Bieber peed in a bucket. Come on."

In all seriousness, according to Young and his costar Vincent Piazza (who plays Tommy DeVito), a more accurate modern comparison to the Four Seasons actually lies in the hip hop community.

"I think that's probably a closer analogy now," Young continued. "A rough upbringing, and getting huge success in music. The hip-hop world is probably more of a parallel to these guys."

"Jersey Boys" hits theaters on Friday, June 20.