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Does Angie Martinez's Jump From Hot 97 To Power 105 Make Her The Hulk Hogan Of Hip Hop?

Still "The Voice of New York" though.

Radio jock Angie Martinez shocked the hip-hop world on Wednesday when she announced that she would be leaving her post at New York's Hot 97 after 20-plus years. Ang created more shockwaves on Thursday (June 19), when it was announced that she would be moving to Hot 97-rival, Power 105.1.

We're sure Angie had her reasons: for starters her daily afternoon broadcast will now touch listeners in NY as well as 103.5 the Beat in Miami. Martinez also leaves an untouchable legacy and can walk out with her head up high, but still, when we look at the switch, we can't help but be reminded of other mouth-dropping left turns in pop culture.

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