On Sale Now: The Johnny Reilly Commemorative 'Challenge' Coin (Y'Know, For Good Luck?)

Put a piece of the 'Free Agents' competitor's good karma in your own pocket!

Harry Houdini famously freed himself from the Water Torture Cell like it was child's play, but even he wouldn't have the same luck escaping the "Free Agents" Draw as Johnny Reilly.

Ten missions into the game, the "Challenge" rookie, who's been at risk of pulling the Kill Card on many occasions, has yet to see an elimination round. Now people like Cara Maria, who's gotten her number called four times, are starting to get a little bitter. Still, no one's more surprised than Johnny about how the odds have remained in his favor.

"What the hell did I do in my past life that I have this much luck and this much good karma toward me?" he said on last week's episode after Leroy pulled the Kill Card, and Johnny was -- once again -- sent up to the safety of the observation bridge. The crowd chalked up his seeming immunity to the luck of the Irish, and considering how his "Real World" experience ended on such a sour note, we're glad the guy is finally getting some.

So if you're feeling cursed and that big cloud hovering overhead just won't drift away, carry a bit of Johnny Reilly's prosperity with you in the form of a new, commemorative coin (not really). It's available now for just $19.95 (don't really send us money). Keep the doubloon in your back pocket, and we can guarantee (nope) you'll be as fortunate as a four-leaf clover in no time.

Design: Lance Ehlers