What It's Like To Meet Eminem, According To Jon Connor

'It was indescribable,' the fellow Michigan MC says of meeting his idol.

Meeting your idols isn't always all it's cracked up to be. If the encounter doesn't go down the way you had envisioned it, it can potentially sour your views on that once-iconic person. Luckily for Jon Connor, when he met Eminem, the outcome was all positive.

"I'm from Michigan, so that's like a kid from Brooklyn getting to meet Jay Z, or a kid from Chicago getting to meet Kanye," the Flint, Michigan, native recently told MTV News.

"Before I was an artist, I was a fan. I'm still a fan. I still look up to all of them like, Yo, I used to be rapping 'Forgot About Dre' -- I remember getting sent to detention for rapping 'Forgot About Dre,'" he laughed.

So when the chance came during a Beats by Dre party for the Aftermath-signed MC to meet Slim Shady, not only did Connor pay homage, but the respect was reciprocated.

"When I met Em, I was just glad I got a chance to tell him like, Yo, being from Michigan, thank you, for the road that you've paved, for me to come and be able to do what I'm doing," he said. "For me to get to have that moment, it was indescribable. And for him to be a cool dude was just icing on the cake...It actually kind of intensified the way I felt about his music."

Maybe we'll get a collaboration down the line? Hey, who knows...