Polydor/Interscope via @lanadelrey/Instagram

Lana Del Rey's 'Shades Of Cool' Video Has A New Muse: Watch

Surprise! He has tattoos, too.

During the Born To Die days, Lana Del Rey made model Bradley Soileau her video muse. As Ultraviolence finally makes its way out into the world Tuesday (June 17), a new man hits the scene -- an older paramour featured in the video for "Shades Of Cool."

The man in question is Hollywood tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, and he was also featured in the video for "West Coast." In a sense, the videos for both songs kind of bleed into each other, telling the tale of love most certainly primed to go bad.

In "West Coast," Lana dances on a beach in black and white with her long-haired love, then lies languidly on Mahoney's shoulder as he tools around in a convertible. The video ends with Lana -- this time in color -- wreathed in flames, superimposed over a highway.

If "West Coast" was all about Del Rey burning down L.A., "Shades Of Cool" is all about dousing it with water. The video opens with a close-up of Mahoney's face, bathed in blue, as he drives down a nighttime road. Lana then appears as a flickering hologram, swaying until she finally finds purchase in the physical world, frolicking with Mahoney through a landscape filled with pools, retro houses and strawberries.

We wonder what will happen next.