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Anna Kendrick Is Ready To Troll You Professionally

Not just a troll. A royal troll.

Anna Kendrick must have a Time Turner, an indefatigable work ethic or both: despite being in what seems to be, like, every movie from now until the end of time, the actress has added yet another in-progress credit to her IMDb page. Kendrick will voice the role of Princess Poppy in DreamWorks' animated, musical movie based on the popular children's toy Trolls, Variety reports.

That's so '90s, right? Right.

Director Mike Mitchell praised Kendrick's vocal abilities in a press release announcing the casting.

"Anna has proven herself to be a brilliant actress with an amazing singing voice," Mitchell said. "She'll inject Poppy with the exact mix of spirit, sass and song that will no doubt give a whole new life to the iconic Troll dolls."

We can only hope that Kendrick's character will be a Trollish princess, as opposed to a humanoid one. Just imagine, one of those dolls with the giant, colorful hair, big round gut and a gem stuck in their belly button like a Britney Spears wannabe led horribly, terribly astray, singing with the voice of Anna Kendrick. It's too weird to not happen, everyone.

Earlier today, Kendrick rejoiced on Twitter that she didn't have to spend much quality time with her razor lately, thanks to the costumes for her current project.

Well, Anna, we've got great news for you: Trolls don't shave their legs, and neither do the humans voicing them.

The movie is due out November 4, 2016.