Kim Kardashian Wasn't The Only Celeb At Kanye West's Bonnaroo Set

Check out the 8 'stars' MTV News spotted at the music festival.

By Christina Garibaldi and Cory Midgarden

MANCHESTER, TN- Bonnaroo is a place full of A-list musicians from Kanye West to Elton John to up-and-coming artists like Sam Smith and Disclosure.

Thousands of fans descended upon the open field in Manchester to get a glimpse of them in action, but some of those fans included some well-known "celebrities," and not just Kim Kardashian.

Some festival goers went a bit above and behind to stand out in the crowd during the festival transforming themselves into their favorite stars.


Redfoo, sans Sky Blu, was party-rockin all over the festival, getting down at Janelle Monae in this photo.

Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels

In celebration of their big return, the "Dumb & Dumber To" stars hit the festival grounds in their infamous colorful tuxes.

Elvis Presley

The King has returned.

Captain Planet

With our powers combined, Caption Planet made a return to Earth to get his groove on at the festival.

Jack Black

It's no surprise Jack Black wanted to go incognito at the festival, but he probably shouldn't have chosen once of his most recognizable movie characters, Nacho Libre.

Mario Brothers

Mario and Luigi took a break from plumbing to listen to some tunes, but where was Princess Peach? (I wonder if she was in another castle.)


There's no stopping Flo, selling insurance even at the festival.

Kanye's First TV

We were kind of expecting Kim to show up, but we would have never guessed that Kanye's first TV would make an appearance. Thanks, Sway!