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6 People Who Are Almost Definitely 'Uber A' On 'Pretty Little Liars'

We're on to you, guys.

The season five premiere of "Pretty Little Liars" aired on Tuesday (June 10), and by the end of the night SPOILER ALERT the latest incarnation of the ever-elusive A, Shana, was dead — and at the hands of head Liar Aria Montgomery, no less!

It's certainly a shocking development in the sense that our gal Aria is a killer now, but when you think about it, Shana's demise isn't a total game-changer now that we know that PLL will be around for two more seasons. Two more seasons means two more years of torture at the hands of A, so it's a 100 percent certainty that Shana was not the Uber. If anything, the most important thing we learned last night was that CeCe Drake is definitely not a member of the A-Team... and with Shana and CeCe crossed off the Uber-list, we're two steps closer to figuring out who the numero uno, Grand-Supreme A actually is.

So with two suspects down, who do we think might be Das Uber? Here are our top six picks:

1. Jason DiLaurentis

Jason's last name heavily suggests a predisposition for mischief, and he's been caught in several lies before. (Like, you know, the whole fake rehab thing.) He's also admitted to a vendetta against his sister, and we'd be really shocked if Mrs. DiLaurentis covered up Ali's "murder" for anyone but another one of her children.

2. A Hidden DiLaurentis

As I've said before, the good people over at PrettyLittleSecretHints Tumblr recently revealed that “Radley Sanitarium” is an anagram for “A DiLaurentis Army” (or Mary A. DiLaurentis). An insane, hidden DiLaurentis child — maybe one that Alison never even knew about — would explain a whole number of things, including the importance of Radley and Mrs. D's presence on the board. (And again, her shocking decision to cover up Alison's murder.)

3. Byron Montgomery

One of the main arguments to the "Aria as A" theory is that her return to Rosewood marked the beginning of A's terrorism, but can't the same also be said of Byron? And isn't he older, wiser, full of anti-Alison vengeance, and possessive of a history of lies and deceit? (Not to mention, an endless amount of university resources.) Also, no one would ever suspect Chad Lowe, which is why I fully suspect Chad Lowe.

4. Jenna Marshall

Last night's major Shana reveal was supposed to throw us off Jenna's trail, but just because Shana said that Jenna had no idea what was happening doesn't actually mean that Jenna had no idea what was happening. Jenna has been a core member of the anti-Alison contingent since the get-go, and her aura of mystery and terrifying ability to fool people into believing things like "I'm blind" make her a pretty solid suspect.

5. Paige McCullers

Paige may have said no to Mona's request to join the Super-Cool, Ali-Hating Loser's Club, but you guys, she tried to drown Emily. I feel like many of us clearly overlook this fact. Also, she's one of the more decisively brilliant members of the "PLL" cast, so she's definitely got the mental chops to pull off full-blown emotional terrorism.

6. Wren Kingston

Nothing about Wren or his life choices is remotely okay. Nothing.