Nikki Deloach MILFs Out At Maxim Hot 100 Party

The ‘Awkward’ mom showed some serious sex appeal at last night’s L.A. event.

Can you say, "Oh, mama"? We certainly hope so. Let's all try it together now. Whyfore do we bellow? Because "Awkward"'s Nikki Deloach stepped out to attend the Maxim Hot 100 party last night, and she definitely dressed the part. The part of a pin-up hottie, if that wasn't clear.

It's not exactly an earth-shattering revelation that Deloach has it going on both in real life and on the hit MTV series, but Jenna Hamilton's mom really upped the ante with this ensemble. Hello, navel, it's us, the rest of the world watching you MILF up the place in a fairly major way.

Deloach is definitely working it with a look that would make Lacey Hamilton proud. That said, we don't know if even Lacey would have the guts to strut forth into the world in such vamp-tastic fashion. Get it, girl!

We're also not quite sure what Jenna would think (wait, yes we are, she would be quietly horrified), but we love that Nikki is bringing sexy back to TV (and IRL) moms -- and taking no prisoners in the process. The only thing she's missing is a tasteful fanny pack -- where is Val when you need her?

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty