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7 Moments With Ed Sheeran That'll Multiply Your Love For Him

Relive Ed's most adorable moments from 'Live From MTV Presents: Ed Sheeran The After Show.'

By Emilie Cruz

We didn’t think it was possible for Ed Sheeran to make us fall even deeper in love with him in a span of 30 minutes, but after the premiere of his “Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran” documentary on Tuesday night (June 10), he did just that.

Our favorite ginger singer/songwriter joined MTV's Christina Garibaldi and dozens of screaming fans for “Live From MTV Presents: Ed Sheeran The After Show” for fan questions, games, and a couple performances. It was clear why Sheeran is so easy to love as he chatted up his fans about their favorite parts of the documentary and rhythmically beat his hands on his thighs before the cameras began rolling.

From talking about how often he cuts his hair -- every four or five months, in case you were wondering -- and crashing on celebrity couches to games fit for one of the biggest cat-loving singers today, here are the seven moments from the after show that everyone will be talking about.

Country Crooning

Move over, Emma Stone, Ed Sheeran just took the crown for best DJ Khaled cover. When the cowboy hat filled with rap songs came out for a game of “Sheeran Shake-Up,” the “Lego House” singer proved he was up for a little hoedown. Summoning his best country twang, Sheeran turned hits such as Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” R. Kelly’s “Ignition,” and DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” into instant country classics.

One Direction Team-Up

Sheeran didn’t shy away when a fan addressed the recent rumors of a One Direction collaboration. Although we won’t be hearing his voice mixed with the heartwarming voices of 1D any time soon -- and to be honest, we’re kind of glad because our emotions just wouldn’t be able to take it -- the “Thinking Out Loud” singer did say that he’s given a bunch of songs to the boys.

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“I wrote a whole lot of songs and gave it to them, and they’re recording,” he said. “One is [a song] I really wanted on my first album, but it was too stadium rock.”

He admits that this doesn’t mean these songs will make it on the band’s next album, but the fans were satisfied with this little bit of information.

A Plate For His Best Mate

We all saw what Taylor Swift got Sheeran for Christmas in the documentary, but what did the Brit get his best friend?

“A plate,” the singer said to erupting laughter. But Sheeran quickly explained that it was a heartfelt gift of a silver plate with all of the Red tour dates on it. We’ll give you all a second to let out the “AWW!” that’s building up inside all of your hearts.

Couch-Crashing Extraordinaire

Sheeran was not ashamed to admit that he’s had his fair share of nights spent on a friend’s couch while first starting out. In fact, he’s made his way around from Jamie Foxx to Jennifer Aniston, and when a fan asked which celebrity’s pad he’d ideally like to crash next, the singer declared he is currently “back in the couch-crashing business.”

Sheeran revealed that while his newly purchased home in London is in the process of getting fixed up, he’s crashed on his manager’s couch, as well as his mate John Wolf. Well, Ed, if you need a place to stay tonight, look no further than right here.

We’re Gonna Need A Medic

It’s no secret that Sheeran is in the business of making girls everywhere swoon – and tonight was no different. With his “Ed-ications,” the singer recorded dedications to three lucky fans and got to read their reactions via Twitter. No matter the dedication, from advice on how to survive while watching "The Fault in Our Stars" to birthday shout-outs, the end result was always the same: all-capital tweets filled with “OMG” and “THANK YOU.”

Coldplay Pressure

Sheeran admitted in “Nine Days and Nights” that after the success of the first single “Sing,” the pressure he felt for the release of X was off, and he felt the album will do well. But after the massive success of labelmate Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, he said the pressure has been firmly reapplied. His record label expects X to do just as well -- if not better -- to which the singer simply responded, “Well, Coldplay are Coldplay.”

A Game Fit For The Cat King

If you don’t know by now, having a cat is all the rage in Hollywood -- and Sheeran is one of our favorite cat-loving singers. With that said, what better game to play than Kitty-oke, in which Sheeran has to guess the song that other singers are meow-ing?

In utter awe, Sheeran revels in the fact that “all those people [were] meowing just for [him],” and easily guesses the tunes Lucy Hale, Lupe Fiasco, A Great Big World, and Psy meow, even meowing along on more than one occasion.

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