11 Amazing 'Stolen From The Set' Souvenirs

Giant heads, Heisen-hats, and an ersatz butt.

If you haven't seen the most recent episode of "Game of Thrones," you might want to skip straight from this sentence to the list below...


...so that you don't accidentally find out that Ygritte, the red-headed wildling woman who stole the heart of Jon Snow, is now taking a permanent dirt nap along with the rest of Mance Rayder's forces who failed to take Castle Black.

And as Ygritte's life comes to an end, so too does actress Rose Leslie's time on the show; with her character dead, she'll be moving on to new things. But she did make off with an amazing souvenir from the "Game of Thrones" set:

"After my final take I was given my bow and arrow. They replaced the handle on the bow, replacing the grubby Wildling wrap with white leather," Leslie told Entertainment Weekly. "On one side of the handle is an emblem of a red rose, on the other was a silver placard that read, 'Kissed by Fire.' Everybody huddled around. I felt very privileged. It was absolutely beautiful."

Leslie's bow is the latest significant prop to become the parting gift for a departing character, but it's definitely not the first. Below, a roundup of the best souvenirs from various TV show and movies that have been bestowed upon (or, um, stolen by) actors on their way out.

Olivia Wilde: Stethoscope thief

The actress who got her big break on "House" confessed that she was in the habit of taking home stethoscopes to play with. Unfortunately, so was everyone else, and eventually all the stethoscopes disappeared. This is why we can't have nice things, Olivia.

Adam Baldwin took home his own head

The cancellation of "Firefly" was a tragedy, but here is its one small comfort: Adam Baldwin got to take home the head of the giant statue created in his likeness. (The fate of the rest of its parts is unknown, however, we'd bet money on Nathan Fillion having absconded with Baldwin's butt.)

Heisenberg's hat is with its rightful owner

Bryan Cranston made off with at least one of the infamous porkpies belonging to "Breaking Bad's" baddest dude. And whenever Cranston gets nostalgic for the show, he puts on the hat and dances around his living room to "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child. No, shhhhh, yes he does. Don't take this fantasy away from me.

Josh Radnor can go blow his horn

While the rest of us were arguing over the show's disappointing finale, the star of "How I Met Your Mother" was politely exiting the show in possession of its most unique prop: the blue French horn.

Andrew Garfield has a Spidey suit

Because of course he does.

The hatch door from LOST has a second life in Damon Lindelof's living room.

“The cover of the hatch may have been made into a coffee table,” Lindelof admitted at this year's Paleyfest reunion for the show's cast and crew.

Rupert Grint's magical souvenir

Just like his character, Grint was bequeathed Dumbledore's Deluminator after shooting wrapped on the final "Harry Potter" film. The tiny ball of light that speaks in the voice of Hermione Granger may or may not have been included.

Peter Facinelli took a "Twilight" trinket

Although reproductions of Carlisle Cullen's ring can be purchased on Amazon for under ten bucks, the man who played the Cullen family patriarch is in proud possession of the original.

And Robert Pattinson is probably wearing Edward Cullen's underpants as we speak

"I took a lot of underwear, to be honest. I did that on all the movies,” Pattinson confessed back in 2012 at a press junket for the final "Twilight" film. “They have the best underwear and I have no idea where they get it from." (Side note: What is the actual deal with R-Pattz and underwear? This is getting to be an alarming trend.)

Michael C. Hall made off with a huge souvenir from "Dexter"

At last year's Comic Con, the actor who played our favorite serial killer's serial killer admitted to having taken "a nine foot portion of the railing from outside of Dexter’s apartment," with the intention of installing it in his backyard... presumably so that he can sassily glance over it at squirrels.

And we don't know which cast member had sticky fingers on the set of "Pain and Gain," but whoever it was, they're a world-class pervert.

"We bought $75,000 worth of sex toys to stock the sex-toy warehouse. I could have filmed the crew coming in that day because they’d stop and see these things — anatomically correct vajayjays and this butt (everyone would touch the butt because it felt real) — and it was hysterical," director Michael Bay told The Daily Beast. "We were going to return all the sex toys to get three-quarters of our money back, but they started disappearing. We were like, 'Who is taking the sex toys?'"

Who, indeed! Tony Shalhoub? Mark Wahlberg? Anthony Mackie? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? All guesses are valid... which is why we'll just go ahead and guess that it was all of them, all at once, and that they reunite every six months for a "get drunk and touch the fake butt" party.