Tyler, The Creator Makes Fun Of Your Favorite Rappers In 'I Just Bought a Bugatti'

Any of this rapper behavior look familiar?

Tyler, the Creator admitted that he's sorta bored of rapping. So bored, that he might be ready to try singing. Those new revelations, combined with his off-the-wall sense of humor, makes him the perfect rapper to make fun of his peers.

In a new sketch from Odd Future's "Loiter Squad" show, Tyler and crew poke fun at popular rappers and their, uh, habits -- and it's great.

If you've ever heard a rapper make a drop for their upcoming album -- you know, that "earthshaking," "soon-to-be-classic" project -- then you'll enjoy this.

If you've ever wondered why that rapper is waving a gun at the camera, you'll enjoy this. And if you're tired of rappers flossing with money that they don't really have, you'll definitely enjoy this.

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