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Iggy Azalea On Lorde's Nirvana Tribute: 'I Just Don't Think It's Appropriate'

'Lorde is not Kurt Cobain's peer,' Iggy tells Billboard of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame tribute.

Given that Lorde blasted Complex for throwing Iggy Azalea "under the bus" with a less-than-complimentary review earlier this year -- and the fact that Iggy responded with a resounding "#GoGirl" -- it seemed for a while that the two singers had each other's backs.

But in a new Billboard cover story, the rapper took the time to address one problem she has with the 17-year-old's career: Her tribute to Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain at the Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony -- one that saw Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic performing with not only the "Royals" singer, but Joan Jett, Kim Gordon and St. Vincent.

But Iggy had a bit of an issue with the fact that Lorde made the cut for the tribute, which took place 20 years after Cobain's death.

"Nothing against her, but I think when you're doing a tribute to someone that's dead, generally it should be the person's peer," she told Billboard. "Lorde is not Kurt Cobain's peer. No matter if she killed the performance or not, I just don't think it's appropriate."

It's worth noting that as St. Vincent is only 31 years old, she probably wasn't all that close to Cobain, either.

Lorde has yet to respond to Iggy's comments, but given that she's no stranger to a little drama, we're sure she'll have something to say.