Creepy Spiders, Bunny Suits, Subway-Riding Gremlins, And Trippy 8-Bit Adventures In 'Liquid Television' Episode 4

Relive the '90s in an all-new episode of the MTV animated cult classic.

The fourth episode of "Liquid Television" is available now on, and like the previous installments of the newly revived and much loved '90s MTV animated classic, it's a mix of the surreal, the hilarious, and the surreally hilarious.

As usual, this episode covers a broad range of animation styles, from 8-bit computer graphics in a Super Mario Bros.-esque world, to an anime adventure in which some determined gremlins take over a subway train, a darkly comic music interlude about a guy in a bunny suit contemplating his mortality, to a pencil-drawn retro-style cartoon about a boy who finds a giant spider under his bed. So, you know, a normal day in the life for people whose days are highly abnormal.

"Liquid Television" episode 4 features animation by:

Andreas Gaschka

Dongzhen Li

Sean Solomon


Ian Stevenson

Luke Seomore

Freddy Christy

Garrett Davis

Kirsten Lepore

Peter Glantz

Becky Stark

Jacob Ciocci

Jan-Joost Verhoef

Kristof Luyckx

Joseph Bennett

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