Mat Hayward/Getty Images News

Heroes Do Exist: Seattle Pacific Student Praised For Stopping Shooter

Jon Meis sprung into action during Thursday's deadly shooting.

As more details emerge from a shooting at Seattle Pacific University in which a gunman killed one student and injured three others, one student is being deemed a "hero" for quickly bringing down the shooter.

Senior engineering student and campus security monitor Jon Meis, 22, sprung into action and likely saved the lives of other potential victims with his quick thinking. Meis, described in the Seattle Times as a "quiet, gentle, outdoorsy... young man of deep Christian faith and dedicated student on the cusp of a promising life beyond college," was sitting at a desk in the lobby of Miller Hall when the shooter opened fire.

When he stopped to reload, Meis sprung into action and pepper-sprayed the gunman, then tackled the unnamed assailant and held him down until police arrive to handcuff and arrest him.

His roommate said Meis carries pepper spray with him because he likes to be prepared wherever he goes. Though Meis and his family have not commented on the incident so far, plenty of fellow SPU students and other grateful people did and they often used one word to describe him: hero.