John Green Confesses That He Had Concerns About Ansel Elgort

After an onscreen turn as siblings, seeing Shailene and Ansel as lovers could have been pretty weird.

Now that "The Fault in Our Stars" is officially out in theaters nationwide, we all know that Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were the perfect Hazel and Gus.

And more to the point, we know that there was never any reason to worry about the fact that they were coming to their roles in the summer's biggest romance right on the heels of having played siblings in the spring blockbuster, "Divergent." (Wait, they played siblings? Sorry, we kind of forgot about that while we were busy watching "The Fault in Our Stars" and having all of the feelings, forever.)

However, before the movie hit theaters, even author John Green was aware of the shrieks of "Ew! Movie incest!" coming from the direction of the internet.

"I wasn't concerned about Shailene and Ansel," Green told MTV News. "What I was concerned about was, is it going to be a thing with the audience, is it going to bug the audience."

But after a glimpse of the two in action, the author couldn't possibly object.

"When I saw Ansel and Shailene audition together… in a way I was sort of resigned to it. It was like, I guess it has to be Ansel! Because he's clearly amazing," Green continued.

And once the film was finished, Green realized, as have we all, that Ansel Elgort wasn't just the necessary choice to play Gus; he's also about to become a very big deal in a very big way.

"I think he's the absolute revelation in this movie," Green noted. "Everyone knows Shailene is prodigiously talented, but Ansel is just wonderful. He is my Gus."

Indeed, he is everyone's Gus. He is the Gus to end all Guses. And whatever worries we might have had about it being uncomfortable to see Caleb Prior smooching his sister on the big screen, we can now look back at them...

...and chuckle self-consciously over how silly we all were.