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Here's Your 6 Step Guide To Throwing The Ultimate 'Hangover' Fifth Anniversary Party (Tiger Included)

Why can't we remember a godd--n thing from last night? This is why.

Has it really been five years since "The Hangover" first hit theaters? Where did the time go? Did we maybe black out for a while, and suddenly found ourselves in 2014?

Regardless of alcohol induced hazes or not, the comedy did dominate theaters everywhere starting on June 5, 2009. And what better way to celebrate than with the most epic party of all time?

Here's the 6 things you need to get your own Wolfpack on:

1. Tiger

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Cost: $5,000-$12,000

Since tigers are extremely rare, this is going to be one of the biggest costs on your list. In the movie, the gang wakes up with a tiger (later it turns out to be one owned by Mike Tyson) wandering around their hotel room. We talked to the owner of Featuring Animals, a company that hires out tigers for private parties and film shoots to find out just how much this centerpiece attraction would cost.

Turns out a party, which will last all night will cost you on the higher end (i.e., $12,000), while a film shoot of an hour or two will be the low end.

Either way, hiring a tiger seems like a swell idea.

2. Chicken

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Cost: $500

Look, all I'm saying is that for real, one time I needed to rent a chicken for a few hours and it cost $500. The end.

3. Ken Jeong

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Cost: $50,000+

What's going to make your "Hangover" party stand out from all the others? Hiring series antagonist Ken Jeong. The actor is available for appearances starting at $50K, though you'll have to negotiate well in advance. Also please note they can stretch upwards of $100,000 and beyond, so think really hard if you want to get Jeong, or spend the $5 to hire Justin Bartha for the night. No word on how much Jeong charges to get naked and be tied up and left in your car's trunk overnight.

4. Suite At Caeser's Palace

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Cost: $1,600+

No need to get the absolute biggest suite at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas: the fake hotel room from the movie was actually based on the Forum Tower Emperors Suite. Prices vary, but as of the current time you can book starting around $1,600 a night, ranging to $2,000. Don't trash it, though, or it'll cost way more.

5. Police Car

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Cost: $300

You're going to want to cruise in style at some point during the party, so why not snag a fake police cruiser, like the boys drive in the flick? Bonus: This will also work for your "Let's Be Cops" themed party.

6. Marriage

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Cost: $99.99

Yup, it's only gonna set you back under a hundo to get hitched in Vegas. That includes music, a photo, the ceremony of course, and literally hours of fond memories.