Lupe Fiasco Wanted ‘Mission’ To Be ‘Uplifting’… But Still A Little ‘Ratchet’

The rapper tells MTV News about the motivation behind his single, which is about fighting cancer.

Lupe Fiasco is on a “Mission” to empower those affected by cancer with his latest single, but he wasn’t always sure that the song would head in that direction.

“When I first heard the track, and the chorus was already in the track, it was like, ’Hm, what can you talk about, with what the chorus is saying?’ ” Lupe told MTV News on Wednesday (June 4).

“You could be cliche and be like, basketball, a story about a basketball player. Or just something very, very general.” But the Chicago native didn’t want to take that route.

“Coulda died, but I came out fighting,” the chorus booms.

“It was like a eureka moment,” he explained. “I was listening to the beat in the car and I was like, ’Fighting cancer.’ This is the song right here. Once I kind of established that that is what it was gonna be, I just started to pull from personal experiences that I had with people who are fighting cancer; St. Jude’s commercials. Just kind of every reference point that I had from a personal point to just kind of a more general point.”

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