'The Giver' Trailer: Now That's More Like It

50 shades of Jeff Bridges.

The Dude abides, but now he abides over books and all the knowledge of extreme pain and extreme joy in the closed community he lives in.

Jeff Bridges stars as the titular character in "The Giver," the upcoming adaptation of Lois Lowry's classic Newbury Prize-winning novel. In this, the third trailer for the movie, the action is mostly in black and white, contributing to the feeling of restriction and oppressive sameness represented in the book.

See, poor Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) lives in a place simply known as the Community, a friendly neighborhood where everything is black and white and anything different is forcibly shunned. Jonas takes daily injections to moderate his mind and dull any of the urges he has to take risks or reject his surroundings -- until he meets the Giver and stops taking them. See, Jonas is to be the Receiver, the next keeper of memory and knowledge in the Community. With its privileges -- what the heck is happening to that apple? Oh, it's red -- come painful truths, like what exactly happens to those citizens who dare to be different.

Oh, and he also finds out what Meryl Streep is like when she's really, really pissed.

Check out the new trailer above.

"The Giver" hits theaters August 15.