'Free Agents' GIF Of The Week: Aneesa Goes Out With A BANG

The vet was only inches away from taking out Laurel, but came up short.

There's a reason universally feared "Challenge" competitor Laurel cited Aneesa as the first "real competitor" she'd ever been forced to face in an elimination round. On last week's episode, the "Real World: Chicago" alum, who was sentenced to fight for her life for a FIFTEENTH TIME, gave it all she had, and even though she came up short, it was by tenths of a second -- and she definitely knocked Laurel around a bit before bowing out. "I love that Laurel barely won," Theresa remarked after watching the intense battle. "Kind of showing everyone in this house that she's beatable." That's definitely saying something, 'Neesy!

Evidently, though, the win won't ensure happy times are ahead for Laurel. In the sneak peek of the next "Free Agents" episode below, she finds herself in a fiery argument with...Cara Maria? Like, her best friend Cara Maria? When Laurel hints that voting her pal into an elimination round is a possibility (but then denies she ever would), CM gets pissed, and the girls exchange words (including a big ol' "STFU").

"There's no reason for a human being to act like that towards anybody, let alone your own best friend," Cara laments. "It's just ugly. Laurel, you look ugly."

Will Laurel and Cara Maria's friendship survive the game's next round? Watch the clip, and tune in to the episode Thursday night at 10/9c!