Jillian Rose Reed's 'Awkward.' Hookup Tweets Pic From The Morning After

Check out the intimate, behind-the-scenes moment!

On last night's episode of "Awkward," Tamara took a brief hiatus from the boys and jumped into the lady pond with Luke's college roommate. While the experience sure was a memorable (and orgasmic-filled) one for the Palos Hills High School president, she didn't quite switch teams afterward: T declared herself as "maybe hetero-flexible" to Jenna, but concluded that, for now, hooking up with the same sex "might not be for me."

Tamara's future sexual preference may be uncertain, but that didn't stop Jeanine Mason, the actress who portrayed lesbian Southern Coast University student Shane, from sharing an intimate photo of the fiery redhead from the set -- and between the sheets.

Jeanine Mason's Twitter

"Waking up to my sweet lips @JillianRoseReed. Oh how I enjoyed working @MTVAwkward. #Awkward," Jeanine tweeted with the snapshot of her sleeping beauty...and a few camera guys capturing the magic moment on film. Jeanine also declared that the duo "are adorable together," to which Jillian responded, "#girlkisses."

Maybe the pair won't have another romantic rendezvous onscreen, but the actresses sure make adorable gal pals IRL!