'Game Of Thrones' Pedro Pascal Has The Most Amazing Funeral Idea Ever

DJ Sunspear > DJ Baby Bok Choy

Now, if you've somehow not been spoiled and/or have thus far successfully kept "The Mountain and The Viper" storyline revelations at bay — and good on you for that impressive feat — it would be pertinent for you to then also skip this post, because guess what? It contains some serious Game of Thrones spoilers. Good? OK.

Pedro Pascal, supremely talented actorperson that brought fan favorite Oberyn Martell to life has a very vivid imagination. One filled with raging parties, impressive elephants, and even a fried-up Lannister or two. Which is likely why, when Vanity Fair asked him to describe what he imagined the Dornish funeral for his character would look like, came out so detail-specific and strange (in the best way, because elephants).

Now we don't know about the rest of you, but: doesn't this sound like the sort of funeral you'd be remiss to not attend? We're hopping on a boat to Sunspear now, Oberyn.