Kevin Smith/Instagram

Scream Forever After Seeing Justin Long Being Turned Into A Human Walrus For 'Tusk

It's...not cute.

You guys, this is no "Chasing Amy." Kevin Smith is not messing around.

The director, best known for his earlier comedies, is in post-production on the horror movie "Tusk," and shared the first look at it in honor of star Justin Long's birthday yesterday. And guess what? It's SO gross.

Ahhhhhh! So gross, right? So gross!

Long plays Wallace Bryton, a podcast host who interviews a boat-loving dude (Michael Parks) then goes mysteriously missing. As it turns out, where he's been all this time is, uh, being turned into a human walrus. ("Tusk," get it?) So that would explain the missing teeth (gotta make room for those pesky tusks somehow), all the blood, and the fact that his arms are sewn to the sides of his body. One more time: So gross!

And yet, we can't look away.

Thanks, Kevin Smith. Remember how nice Justin Long was when he was super busy falling in love with Drew Barrymore in "Going the Distance" or being Ari Graynor's sassy best friend in "For A Good Time Call"? Remember that? That's over. Walrus arms are what we do now.

"Tusk" does not yet have a release date.