Did Trey Songz Predict Chris Brown's Jail Release With His 'Free Breezy' Summer Jam Chant?

Trigga is happy his friend's home.

We already know that Trey Songz is a tremendous singer, but Trigger is also a great friend and a possible prophet.

On Sunday, the veteran vocalist performed at Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert and blew away the crowd, singing tracks like "Na Na" and "Dive In," and he even found time during his set to salute his homey Chris Brown and had his DJ play Breezy's "Loyal."

"Say free CB," he said, encouraging the crowd to show their love for Brown, who ended up being released from jail early on Monday (June 2).

"Summer Jam, they said 'Free Breezy' and the boy's home. What do you know," Songz told MTV News today, bragging about his clairvoyance.

Now, it is entirely possible that Trey knew Brown would be freed hours after he left the stage, but whatever the case, he is very clear about his admiration for his pal. "Chris, I know what he must be going through," Songz told us. "To have all this music that you're creating and the world loving it. He got a big record out right now that he can't even perform. So when I talk to him I let him know that I'm out there repping for you."

Trigga Trey wasn't the only one showing love to Chris; Sevyn Streeter, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne all performed their own separate renditions of select Breezy songs.

Maybe it was the "Free CB" chant, or the work of his lawyers, but Brown was released today after serving 108 days in jail stemming from a probation violation, and Songz couldn't be more supportive.

"I'm happy that Chris is out, he's a friend of mine. It ain't been easy for him, he's made some mistakes as we all do and people scrutinize and people judge, but we all human," he said compassionately. "So, I express to the people out there we love the boy for his music, let's push each other forward. Let's leave the negativity someplace else and let's rock out. Summer Jam loved it, they went crazy for the Breezy tribute."