Selena Gomez's Selfies With Children In Nepal Are Making Us 'Incredibly Inspired'

Selena sings, dances and spreads love during an 'eye-opening' trip.

Selena Gomez is feeling a bit inspired after her recent trip to Nepal.

Selena traveled on behalf of UNICEF, where she's a Global Ambassador, to raise awareness for children in need.

"This visit to Nepal was extraordinarily powerful -- at times, devastating and heartbreaking, but also incredibly inspiring,” she said in a statement. “At first when you witness children living in extreme poverty you wonder how it is possible that they can be deprived of their basic human needs and rights. Then you talk to these children and you see hope, promise and a bright future. This generation of children believes they can make a difference, and they take action."

In a video clip from her experience, Selena, who called the trip an "eye-opener" is seen dancing, playing and giving out lots of hugs to the children at Satbariya Rapti Secondary School.

“The children of Nepal have taught me that with a lot of passion, optimism and hard work, anything is possible. That’s the message I would like to convey to young people across the world: Believe in your dreams and pursue them.”

Selena had recently told Selenators that she couldn't wait to tell them where she has been, and she finally shared some photos of her journey on Instagram, posting some moving moments with the children of Nepal.