'Snowpiercer' Trailer Finds Chris Evans Fighting The World's Most Evil Dystopian Train

Worst. Dystopia. Ever.

We've seen some crazy-cool dystopian settings in our day, but nothing quite compares to the claustrophobic horror that is "Snowpiercer."

Chris Evans stars as one of the last remaining humans in a brutal post-apocalyptic world in the sci-fi thriller, which features every single human left on planet Earth living on the same mysterious train. They're divided by class, which means that some people (like Tilda Swinton) get to visit the dining car, while others (Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer) are stuck in the back of the train all covered in soot.

The whole thing is powered by the perpetual-motion Sacred Engine, and things will surely get interesting when Chris and his band of rebels try to steal it.

"Snowpiercer" opens on June 27.