Beats By Dre

Ed Sheeran Gets Revenge On His Cheating Ex In New Beats By Dre Ad: Watch

Girl done you wrong? Write a song about it, put it in a commercial.

Beats by Ed? Not quite, but Ed Sheeran has landed a starring role in the latest Beats By Dre commercial. Though his paycheck was probably far south of the $3 billion Apple just paid for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's company, at least the one-minute ad will boost Ed's bottom line thanks to the soundtrack courtesy of his X tune, "Don't."

Watch The Trailer For Ed's "Nine Days And Nights" MTV Documentary.

The spot for the Solo 2 line opens with Ed storming into his hotel room, obviously pissed about something, channeling that rage into a song thanks to the Beats music service and his bright red headphones. The Sentence he creates says it all: In a hotel room, pissed off, writing a song, [with] a 90s hip-hop beat.

A drink, a flashback of a girl taking her shirt off and a laptop later, he's got a finished tune.

Watch Ed's new Beats commercial, and check out the trailer for his "9 Days And Nights of Ed Sheeran" documentary before it premieres on Tuesday, June 10 at 11/10c on MTV.