EDC's Pasquale Rotella Determined To See Festival Back In L.A.

Insomniac Events head says they're 'working out' how to bring EDC back to California.

This past weekend, EDC had another successful run in New York with headliners like Tiesto and Calvin Harris. And on Wednesday (May 28), the lineup for EDC Las Vegas was announced, with no shortage of household names on the roster.

But according to Insonmiac Events head Pasquale Rotella, the real headliners are the fans.

That's the premise behind the Discovery Project, which hopes to bring aspiring electronic music producers from their bedrooms to the stage. Starting out playing what is known as the Discovery Stage, they will eventually graduate to performing on the main-stage of EDC for thousands of fans.

After EDC returns to Vegas, Rotella is looking to move EDC back west, to his home state of California.

The LA Memorial Coliseum hosted EDC in 2010, but shortly after Rotella was sued by the City of Los Angeles on multiple counts including civil fraud and unfair business practices. So while bring bringing EDC, or any of Insomniac's existing events, back to California will be very difficult, Rotella says it's just a matter of finding the right venue.

"I'm looking forward to bringing some of our known festivals back to California," Rotella told us."That's where I come from, so it's super exciting to me. There is a huge demand and there is a huge fanbase there-- we are in the middle of working that out."