Valedictorian Cody Simpson Proves 'Intelligence Is Sexy'

Singer speaks inspiring words during commencement.

Intelligence is sexy, and Cody Simpson is living proof of that.

On Thursday, the Australian native proudly took the stage as Valedictorian of his high school class in Atlanta, Georgia, to give out sage advice to his fellow seniors.

"It's what's in here that's going to get to the furthest, regardless of any kind of wealth or looks or material possessions or anything," he said, pointing to his head. "It's always what's in here that's going to get you the furthest. Intelligence is the sexiest thing in the entire world."

Cody stressed the importance of completing high school, despite the demands of his skyrocketing career and busy schedule. He even recently split with model girlfriend Gigi Hadid because of their jam-packed lives.

"Sort of something that I've learned, due to a lot of experiences of mine, is that it is possible to finish high school amidst having a very busy schedule and amidst working relentlessly towards chasing my wildest dreams."

Simpson's family was in tow to watch him receive the honors, with his sister Alli hitting to Twitter to say she's "so proud."

The "Surfboard" singer is showing no signs of slowing down, performing at music festivals and touring across Europe this summer on the Acoustic Sessions Tour.