Lauren Conrad's Bottom Line For Wedding Guests: Don't Be A Drunken Jerk

Better mind your Ps and Qs, LC says.

Movies like "Wedding Crashers" depict marriage celebrations as booze-fueled excuses to hook up with smokin' hot bridesmaids or groomsmen, but does the "Animal House" attitude toward nuptials have a place in the real world? Lauren Conrad, who's prepping for a wedding of her own, doesn't seem to think so, and her website's latest "Ladylike Laws" post urges you to reconsider before drunkenly tackling the maid of honor to get your hands on the bouquet.

Yesterday, contributor Ilana Saul laid down a list of basics to regard while wedding bells are ringing around you, and for starters, she says you better lay off the sauce. "An open bar is not a good excuse to drink more than you usually would," she writes. "Know your limits, and don’t do anything to make a fool of yourself or make a mess of the bride and groom’s dream day." But the Chicken Dance is so much easier after a gin gimlet! Ugh, fine.

Moreover, though you might be tempted to flood your Instagram feed with photos of the flower arrangements, the twelve-tier cake or bits of the gown's beautiful bead-detailing, you are to resist becoming a paparazzo. "Please use common courtesy when you’re playing iPhone photographer," Saul advises. "That means making sure that you’re still present and in the moment during the ceremony, and that you’re not blocking anyone else’s view when you strain to get the perfect shot." So put the cellie away, Annie Leibovitz.

And lastly, avoid making impromptu toasts, be respectful of the couple's parents and keep your conversation with the bride and groom brief. In other words, avoid being Holly Montag at Speidi's rehearsal dinner in this throwback "Hills" scene.