Jennifer Lawrence's Post-Oscar Puking Story Was Even Better Than Advertised

Spoilers or not, this was still hilarious.

Even though we already knew that Jennifer Lawrence would share a barfing anecdote on her pre-taped "Late Night With Seth Meyers" appearance last night, that advance knowledge did nothing to diminish the charm of seeing her tell the story herself.

Lawrence's long-awaited interview, the content of which was leaked last month by an audience member who was present at the taping, began with the actress describing how her best friend goaded her into hitting the bar before the Academy Awards ceremony had even concluded — and ended, of course, with the part where she puked on a porch in front of Miley Cyrus.

It's a testament to J-Law's excellent storytelling abilities that despite knowing the punchline a month ahead of time, we still laughed until we cried.

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