Joe Manganiello Wants You To Meet The Real Magic Mike: Watch The Trailer

Documentary 'La Bare' takes provocative look at the lives of male strippers.

By Maurice Bobb

You might want to leave those singles at home, ladies, because “La Bare,” a documentary about what goes on behind the stage at the world’s most popular male strip club is coming to the big screen this summer. Judging by the NSFW trailer, it's more than just pelvic thrusting and baby-oiled studs. Hunky "True Blood" actoor Joe Manganiello makes his directorial debut with a film that gives a more realistic and, well, provocative look at the men who are “up all night to make a living.”

The nearly two-minute clip begins with two ripped “cowboys” knocking on a door in a very unassuming neighborhood before entering the house and becoming the G-stringed, gyrating main attraction for a bevy of shrieking women.

“Men want to see naked women,” the trailer's narrator says, as behind-the-scenes footage from renowned Dallas strip club La Bare is shown. “What women want is the show.”

Several women give giddy interviews, with one explaining that “men are more like microwaves and women are more like an oven,” while cheek-baring male dancers share their stories of free enterprise, excitement and tragedy.

The film’s auteur, Mangianello -- who most fans recall in his memorable role as “Big Dick Richie” in 2012’s comedic romp about male strippers, “Magic Mike” -- wanted to venture into uncharted territory with this doc.

“With 'La Bare,' I had somehow sailed my way into uncharted waters and stumbled upon an island not recorded on any map ... the completely misunderstood world of male entertainment,” Manganiello told Vulture. “With 'Magic Mike,' we scratched the surface, and with 'La Bare,' I had the opportunity to plumb the depths of this strange and provocative world hidden in plain sight.

"Shocking, hilarious, and heartfelt, the film explores every level of the profession in three vivid dimensions," the actor continued. "I can honestly say that this is the last subject I ever imagined my directorial debut would deal with, but nonetheless, here I am, about to unleash this fascinating and unexplored subculture on the public.”

One of the more shocking story lines in the movie includes the murder of popular exotic dancer Angelo (a.k.a. “real Magic Mike”). Friends and onetime fellow strippers of Angelo recount his popularity and tragic death, giving viewers “the true stories behind the magic.”

“La Bare” hits theaters June 27.

(Warning: trailer features suggestive content)

LA BARE RED BAND TRAILER from Main Street Films on Vimeo.