These Festival Geniuses Have It All Figured Out: Learn Their Tricks

A look into Hangout's most brilliant minds...

There’s a lot to navigate at huge festivals. From the relentless sun to pooping seagulls to getting sand near your unmentionables, you have to protect yourself. And these 2014 Hangout Festival-goers have it all figured out.

First off, these smarties thought to brought their own hammocks.

hammock Emilee Lindner - MTV
IMG_3673 Emilee Lindner - MTV

This lady was able to use her boyfriend’s flexible legs as arm rests.

IMG_3638 Emilee Lindner - MTV

This girl thought to bring her own friend just in case she loses her real ones in the crowd.

IMG_3662 Emilee Lindner - MTV

You don’t need to bring lounge chairs when you have sand at your disposal.

IMG_3644 Emilee Lindner - MTV

Just form a backrest and scoop out the butt and you’re good to go.

IMG_3637 Emilee Lindner - MTV

And take a nap in the shade! Genius.

IMG_3639 Emilee Lindner - MTV

This guy wanted nothing to do with the sand and found a pool.

IMG_3648 Emilee Lindner - MTV

This guy has a giant, shady hat and sustenance. He’ll survive.

IMG_3658 Emilee Lindner - MTV

This guy was just chillin’ under the stream of water. Stay cool, dude.

IMG_3653 Emilee Lindner - MTV

Need shade? Prop up against a fence for an easy hideaway.

IMG_3645 Emilee Lindner - MTV

All you really have to do is buy a VIP pass, which is a genius in itself.

IMG_3671 Emilee Lindner - MTV

This guy got a huge martini umbrella to shade his sunburned head underneath.

IMG_3650 Emilee Lindner - MTV

Again, those VIP passes…

IMG_3655 Emilee Lindner - MTV

This woman was able to accept that it’s time to take a break – vital for any festival-goer.

IMG_3670 This girl thought to bring her own friend just in case she loses her real ones in the crowd.
[image src="wp-attachment://1827255" title="IMG_3662" alt="IMG_3662"]

These birds have it all figured out, sticking around the food area.

IMG_3661 Emilee Lindner - MTV

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