How Many Famous Faces Joined Andy Samberg For The ‘SNL’ Finale?

Let's just say everyone who's anyone was there.

Here’s the fun thing about “SNL.” It’s like high school, where everyone gets nostalgic and can’t help but drop by to see each other again and rehash the best of times (albeit with way funnier people than your average hometown). Season finales usually feature some familiar faces, and this one might have set a record for most celebrity cameos in a single episode. (Our official count was 12.)

It all started in the monologue, where Andy Samberg was super excited to be back on the 8H stage. Samberg apologized that Justin Timberlake couldn’t make an appearance as he is currently on tour in Russia, but JT, ever the gentlemen, sent Samberg a picture for good luck.

Samberg was soon joined by former “Weekend Update” and current “Late Night” host Seth Meyers. Meyers challenges Samberg to best Bill Hader’s record of most celebrity impressions- 23. In lightening round fashion Samberg rips through Young John Travolta, Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, Zooey Deschanel, Seth Rogen and more, besting Hader at 24. But not to be outdone, Hader appears, retaining his master of impressions title as he pulls out Casey Kasem and Andy Samberg dialogue. Then for fun, Martin Short came over.

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