The 6 Most Intense Tattoos Of Hangout Fest Day One

Nice needlework.

Tattoos and music fests: They go together like sunshine and happy days. How do we know? Well, we're down here at Hangout Fest 2014 and we are surrounded -- surrounded, do you hear!? -- with painted flesh.

Friday (May 16) we took on the arduous task of wandering through this bustling music fest -- white sand, hot rays, cool tunes, included -- to find the best ink this joyful mass of humanity had to offer.

Check out our six favorite tattoos of Hangout Fest, Day One.

Find us tomorrow if you think you deserve to make the cut come Day Two.

1). In Memory...

2). Hulking Out

3). Time: All Over Her Side

4). Because I'm Happy

5). Feathery

6). Back Up