Man Crush Monday: Nicholas Hoult Is A Beauty... And A Beast

MTV News pays tribute to the sexy 'X-Men' star, who is Jennifer Lawrence's boyfriend.

He may play the character Beast in the "X-Men" series, but we promise there is nothing beastly about Nicholas Hoult, which is exactly why he is MTV News' pick for #ManCrushMonday.

Nicholas is set to reprise that role in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," which hits theaters on Friday, but we've been talking about this British babe since he was just 12 years old.

He started his career alongside Hugh Grant as the adorable and talented boy in "About A Boy," became a fan favorite in the popular British TV series "Skins" and had us thinking that zombies were actually kind of cute in "Warm Bodies."

Nicholas, along with his piercing blue eyes, has also captured the heart of Jennifer Lawrence, so you know he has to be a good guy. The two have been dating on-and-off for the past three years, but they are very much back together, with Jennifer admitting that Nicholas is "a great roommate."

Seriously, could this guy get any more perfect? Well, check out these images below and judge for yourself.

He Makes Zombies Sexy

And Blue Furry Beasts

He's The Perfect Date

He Can Keep Secrets

He's Very Studious

He's Always Up For A Good Time

He's Pretty Much Flawless