‘Godzilla’ Meets ‘Breaking Bad’ + 5 More Hilarious Godzilla Mash-Ups

Godzilla is more than just the King of the Monsters. He’s the King of the Mash-up.

All over the Internet, people have taken to remixing everyone’s favorite radioactive lizard in anticipation of his triumphant return to the big screen. The projects range from the obvious (“Breaking Bad,” anyone?) to the insanely weird (Godzilla song remixes), but they all show how we react to Godzilla in the Internet age.

So take a look and a listen at some of our favorite viral vids starring our favorite movie monster.

“Breaking Bad Meets Godzilla”

We mocked this one up, because it just makes sense. Bryan Cranston stars as Walter White, a chemistry teacher turned mad scientist, who accidentally creates Godzilla in his secret lab. Actually, can we see that movie? We’ll give you all the money to see that movie.

“Godzilla Park”

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