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Happy Birthday Lena Dunham: Now Be Our Best Friend

Let's braid each other's hair!

Happy Birthday, Lena Dunham! You are now 28 years old and therefore still eligible for all of those "30 Under 30" lists. Congrats! We are sure you will top them all!

Incidentally, Lena-Cakes, you are also still eligible to be our best friend (all of MTV News collectively) -- if you would have us. (Did you get all the handmade cards and dolls that we sent? Oh, well, we're sure they're just lost in the mail.)

We even made you the below collage of the 28 Instagrams (because you're 28!) that make us yearn for you to be our compadre.

We'll be waiting over here with frozen yogurt and matching charm bracelets until you finish perusing. Can't wait to plan a road-trip to Atlantic City in which zany high jinks ensue!


1). This Joie De Vivre

2). This History Of Being Rad

3). This Shared Secret

4). This Dog Impression

5). This Pup We Could Pet

6). This Eye Makeup We Could Crib

7). This Family We Could Hang With

8). This Brash Boldness

9). This Book That We Would Like To Read

10). This Boyfriend Who Maybe Has Hot Friends

11). These Snacks We Would Like To Share

12). This Kitten We Would Like To Hold

13). These Friends We Would Like To Be Our Friends

14). These Snacks As Well

15). These Clothes We Would Like To Borrow

16). This Selfie Steez

17). This Manicure

18). This Room We Want To Hang In

19). This Toy We Want To Play With

20). This To-Do List

21). This Wise Saying

22). This Predilection For Animal Snaps

23). These Dance Moves

24). This Text

25). These Sweaters

26). This

27). And This

28). And This

Happy Birthday, Lena!