These Vintage-Inspired ‘Mad Men’ Ads Are Just The Coolest

This is how you do an Emmy campaign.

Just when you thought “Mad Men” couldn’t get any cooler, it does.

The AMC show has inspired dudes to bring back the skinny ties and lapels of its era, and made many a cubicle dweller long for the days of scotch-friendly offices and expansive cityscape views. And, of course, we all want to be as facially blessed as the characters. We thought “Mad Men” had reached peak cool long ago, but that was before we saw these amazing, retro-advertising style For Your Consideration ads ahead of Emmy nominations.

Featuring the show’s main players, the ads all showcase clever product tie-ins and slogans that all point to awards consideration. For example, main man Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) is the model man for a sunglasses ad, with copy that reads, in part, “Behind every pair of our glasses is a man with winning character… and much more.”

mm_emmyad_don_fm6 AMC

Certain product tie-ins, like Joan (Christina Hendricks) and her “FYC Red” hair dye are especially clever.

mm_emmyad_joan_fm6 AMC

Sally (Kiernan Shipka) isn’t a little girl anymore.

mm_emmyad_sally_fm5 AMC

Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) is just, well, perfect.


Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) is a performer.

mm_emmyad_pete_fm4 AMC

Megan (Jessica Pare) is stepping out.

mm_emmyad_megan_fm4 AMC

Betty (January Jones) prefers gold.

mm_emmyad_betty_fm4 AMC

Roger (John Slattery) deserves recognition.

mm_emmyad_roger_fm8 AMC