Luca Chelsea / Splash News

Watch 50 Cent Do Play-By-Play Of Jay Z/Solange Video

Plus, Snoop couldn't get enough of the memes.

The elevator scuffle between Jay Z and Solange has dominated Twitter, Instagram and water cooler talk since the footage surfaced early on Monday (May 12).

Your friend probably texted you about it, your co-worker might have offered their take, And you may have seen the many memes floating around social media.

It's not just Avergae Joes cracking jokes about what they saw on the footage, though. A handful of celebrities got in on it, too, making light of what went down.

50 Cent narrated the footage, in classic 50 fashion:

Snoop, meanwhile, reposted a number of the memes that were floating around:

And actor Orlando Jones, who some were saying looks like Solange, attempted to clarify that he wasn't, in fact, involved in the incident.